India kills Pakistan's Fighter jet F-16

New Delhi : Pakistan tried to make war on terror against Pakistan, on Wednesday, in a battle of war. Pakistani Air Force aircrafts tried to target Indian defense bases located in border areas of Jammu and Kashmir, which was foiled by our alert army. Indian Air Force MiG-21 aircraft pumped F-16 aircraft of Pakistan who entered the Indian border. One of his F-16s killed the plane. However during this time a MiG aircraft dropped into the Pak border.Pak claimed to have killed two Indian planes and caught two pilots. Identification of one of these is also stated. Pakistan continued to claim two pilots throughout the day, but in the evening, they took a U turn and said that the same pilot was in his possession.In the evening, India also confirmed that the pilot is in possession of Pakistan. Pakistan has demanded to return it to India. In the meantime, while looking at India's tough stance, Pak PM Imran Khan's feet softened and began to seek peace and dialogue. After Modi violated the Indian border by top security forces, Pakistan Army fighter jets of intelligence officers, PM Narendra Modi held a meeting with top security and intelligence officers in the PMO.In addition to the NSA Ajit Doval, senior officers of the three forces reviewed the latest situation. The officers informed the PM about the fall of the Pakistan jet plane and Air Force MiG-21 and the disappearance of the pilot. Ministry of External Affairs spokesman Ravish Kumar and Air Vice Marshal RGK Kapoor gave a press conference to the media. In the evening, army chief General General Bipin Rawat also met the PM.Pakistan tried to attack our military bases: Ministry of External AffairsOn Wednesday, the Foreign Ministry said that after being dismantled by India's largest camp of terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammed, Pakistan used its air force today to target Indian military installations, but failed its efforts successfully. Been done However, an Indian pilot disappeared in this campaign. Kumar said that against the anti-terror campaign Pakistan used its air force to target Indian military bases in the morning. Because of our high level of preparation and vigilance, Pakistan's efforts have been successfully failed. He said that the Indian Air Force took immediate action as soon as the aircraft of Pakistan Air Force was seen. Kumar said, in the skirmish that happened in Hihawa, MiG-21 Bisson of Indian Air Force killed a Pakistani Air Force fighter plane. The ground forces saw Pakistani aircraft falling from the sky to Pakistan He said, unfortunately we lost a MiG-21 in this encounter. The pilot is missing in action. We are exploring the facts.If things get worse, neither will nor me be in the hands of Modi: ImranImmediately after the press conference in the Indian Foreign Ministry's Delhi, Pakistan PM Imran Khan threatened with the threat that two nuclear power-rich nations should not make any false assumptions about the consequences of the increase in tension. In a message on Pak TV, Khan said that our today's action was just to tell that if you enter our country, then we too can do this. We have killed two of them. Nobody knows what will happen to the war. Introduce both the understanding and the better understanding. I say to India that if you have the weapon (atom) then you also have us. Can we risk the war? If things get worse then it will not be under my control nor will Narendra Modi's Pakistan stopped flights from all major airportsDuring the growing tension with India, Pakistan canceled commercial flights from all major airports on Wednesday. These include Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi Airport.Pak Deputy High Commissioner Haider summonedOn an attempt to target Indian defense establishments by Pak Air Force, India strongly objected to the summoning of Pakistan's Deputy High Commissioner Syed Haider Shah. He also lodged a complaint against the Indian pilot for the hostage. On the other hand, India's Acting High Commissioner to India, Gaurav Ahluwalia, was summoned by the Pakistan Foreign Ministry and condemned by India for unprovoked firing on the border.Pakistan urged to release Air Force pilot immediatelyIndia has also objected to the sharing of photos and videos of pilots on behalf of Islamabad. It was said in a statement issued by the Ministry of External Affairs: "It was inauspicious to show the injured Indian Air Force personnel in the video and it is against the rules of the International Human Rights and Geneva Convention." India said that Pakistan should ensure that the Air Force pilot is not being subjected to any kind of damage to custody.The Indian External Affairs Ministry said - It is unfortunate that instead of international liability and bilateral commitment to Pakistan against its terrorism being run by the country, it is showing aggressive stance against India. This is exactly the opposite of Hawaii made by India on Jaish-e-Mohammed Ka Camp in Balakot..