Birth of a child born at the time of the strike, named Mirage

Ajmer : Indian Air Force on Tuesday, when a Pakistani infiltrator entered the border and got bombed about a child in Rajasthan. It is normal for a child to be born, but his parents have announced the name of the child as 'Mirage'. Significantly, the Air Force used the Mirage-2000 aircraft to drop the bomb on Jaish-e-Mohammed's bases. Inspired by this, the child's name has been 'Mirage'.The child's father, S. S. Rathod, told that the name of the child has been named 'Mirage' to honor the IAF. He further said, "We have named my son Miraj Rathod to remember the attack on Miraj Jet on Pakistan. We hope he will grow up and join the army. "It is noteworthy that on Tuesday, 12 aircraft of Indian Air Force bombarded Balakot in Pakistan and Chakoti located at POK and Jaish-e-Mohammed's bases in Muzaffarabad. Many of Jaish's hideouts were destroyed in this attack. According to the Indian government, many terrorists have also been killed in this attack..