At the time of air strikes, there was a backup mode at Hindan Airbase

Ghaziabad : Indian Air Force entered the border of Pakistan on Tuesday morning and attacked the hideouts of terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammed. At the time of the attack, Hindan Airbase of Sahibabad was kept on alert mode to back up the war so that any kind of emergency can be sent to the warships immediately from here. Its preparation was going on for several days.Since the Pulwama attack, continuous warship ships were flying from Hindon Air Force Station. There was a lot of preparations going on inside and outside. But for the past four days, there was an increase in the air force activities here. The warships were flying here especially during the night. During the day, the ships involved in the operation were being seen flying. This made it a matter of discussion in the surrounding areas. Officers stationed at the Air Force Station said that earlier this unit was also involved in large operation, so the unit here is always kept on alert. Passing through practice before operation is a technical process. The engineering wing of Indian Air Force has been asked to be prepared to go to another airbase at any given time. According to sources, some officials from Hindon Air Force were sent to Gwalior's airbase for the action taken in the PoK.Checking increasedSecurity checkings have been increased by barricading outside the Hind Air Force Station of Sahibabad. Vehicles are being allowed to go inside after checking and checking the I card. Hindan Air Force Station is a big station due to its closure of Delhi. Apart from the warships, the cargo ship Globe Master is always stationed here..