Shivpal will not stand in front of Mulayam Singh

Agra : As the bicycle rider is fixed on the Mainpuri Lok Sabha seat on the political board, Shivpal's camp has ended the search for the in-fighting contingent. Now the organization is going to travel to the party's flag-ridden, Firozabad, to strengthen the organization. It will be shown right now to win the head of your party.Mainpuri Lok Sabha seat is considered as the stronghold of SP. Mulayam Singh Yadav won the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. After leaving his seat, SP had made Tej Pratap Yadav a candidate in the by-election, currently the same MP. But after the split in the SP family, Shivpal separated and formed a progressive Samajwadi Party. After forming the party, Shivpal spoke about Mulayam Singh Yadav's candidature against his candidate. In the past, there was talk of becoming Mulayam Singh's SP candidate from Mainpuri, in such a scenario, Pemaapa was not even openly seeking the candidate. A few names were secretly prepared and kept secret. But now SP leader Akhilesh Yadav has clarified that Mulayam will contest the elections from here.After this it is now decided that Prasena will not fight in Mainpuri. In such a way, the strategy for using party veteran leaders in Phirozabad has been made. Shivpal Yadav from Pirojpur, his brother, Prof. Ramgopal Yadav's son is going to contest the elections in front of Akshay Yadav. According to party sources, elections in the district of Pharosabad are the most important. For this, along with the main leaders of Mainpuri, those leaders are also being engaged in the campaign, whose relatives are in Ferozabad. There are nearly a dozen leaders-workers. Praspa District President Vot Singh Yadav said that according to the instructions of the party leadership, the work will be done in the election.SP's way was easyThe SP, who was alliance with the BSP, was already considered strong in Mainpuri Lok Sabha seat. Now after the departure from the premises, it is being said that the road to the SP is easier.BJP's hopes shockThe party is not going to fight the elections as a shock for the BJP's expectations. The BJP here is fighting to win the victory. There is a possibility of a loss to the SP in the event of a candidate coming from Prasya. The BJP considered it beneficial for itself..