The name of war giving knowledge to Pakistan after the Air strikes

New Delhi : After the air strikes in Balakot, Pakistan, Pakistan's two fighters have violated Indian airspace. According to the agency, these aircraft have also dropped bombs in Rajouri. Following this incident, India has issued a high alert in the pre-crisis Leh, Jammu, Srinagar and Pathankot. Apart from this, some commercial flights have been stopped. Meanwhile, the Chinese Foreign Ministry has urged the two countries to take control. China has expressed the hope that disputes will be resolved by negotiations.This is warBut as far as the fighter aircraft of Pakistan is about to enter the Indian border and drop bombs in Rajouri, then Retired Air Vice Marshal Kapil Kaka calls it a war. They say that the air strikes that took place in Balakot, Pakistan-based India, was a totally tire target. In any case, the residential areas and the Pakistan army were not targeted. They said that India has neither any hatred with the people of Pakistan nor from the Pakistan Army The world knows that Pakistan gives shelter to terrorists and trains them to train. These terrorists get full help from the intelligence agency ISI and the army there.Pak ignored many thingsLet us tell you that many pressures were ignored in the press conference which was conducted by the Pakistan Army after the Air strikes by India. Not only this, the answer to some of the questions of the journalists also showed Pakistan Army saving. On this, Air Vice Marshal said that by telling all the things, the domestic pressure on Pakistan could have increased. During this time, he also mentioned about high-profile meetings in Pakistan and joint session of Parliament. All this was done to assess or review its strength. But if Pakistan enters any kind of air strike, then it will be called a war.The entire world looked at Indo-PakDespite all this, Kak said that it was very important for both the countries to take control. India and Pakistan have taken a look at the whole world. The international community also wants both the countries to exercise synergy. Because the war between the two countries can take a terrible form. Referring to the previous governments, he said that India often practices very synergy. Even in the Kargil war, India had responded with mitigation. Even after this war, India has never targeted the places which are residential areas.Balakot is not Srinagar AirportRegarding the airport in Jammu Kashmir, he had said that Srinagar airport is not Balakot. As far as the security of the airport is concerned, missiles are stationed here. Also Air Force aircraft are present there. Therefore, it can not be vacated in the fear of war. But if Pakistan tried to target it at any cost, it would be an open challenge to the war on which India would also take action and must do it. According to him, Pakistan will be badly defeated in this war. He does not have the courage to tie it in front of India for a long time. But before taking such a step, he will think many times. That's because he has to tell the world community why he did this. As far as nuclear attacks are concerned, it will be a suicidal step for Pakistan and also for India, it will be very bad. The world will not forgive the two countries for it at all. Let us tell you that the whole world is talking about both the countries in the process of mitigation..