All the buildings built in Yamuna's o zone will be demolished

New Delhi : The Environmental Pollution Control and Protection Authority (EPCA) has taken a firm stand on all the buildings built in Yamuna Khadar and the surrounding O Zone area. EPCA has not only sought the survey report of all the buildings from the Delhi Development Authority (DDA), but has also prepared to demolish all these.Significantly, illegal buildings in the sandy area around Yamuna, which are dead in Delhi These Yamuna Khadar, which is a major threat to the decreasing ground water level, are also dangerous due to structural strengthening.According to the information, the O zone of Yamuna spread over 9700 hectares in three parts in Delhi. The first part is spread over 26 kilometers from Palla to Wajirabad Barrage in the northern region, the second part is 22 kilometers from Wazirabad to Okhla barrage, while the third part spreads in the southern region from Okhla barrage to Jaitpur village up to four kilometers. In most places large scale encroachment and illegal construction can be seen. All the buildings built in these areas are illegal. Although a few days ago, on the instructions of the EPCA, DDA had also launched a campaign in this direction, but only after eliminating slums and other things, we have completed our duty. He did not bother to take action on big buildings. EPCA has strongly challenged the DDA while raising the DDA's decision on this Pick and Choice policy. Along with this, a team of DDA has called in his office and asked to provide a survey report of all the buildings built in the O zone. Not only that, in the Supreme Court, EPCA has given its report on DDA's negligence. Even the president of the EPCA Bhure Lal said that the Yamuna has been damaged in Delhi, due to government negligence, the level of ground water in Yamuna Khadar should also go down steadily. Used to be. To prevent ground water level and prevent possible damage from these buildings with weak foundations, it is very necessary to free the adjoining area of ​​the Yamuna from encroachment and illegal construction..