Four-storey building collapsed in Karol Bagh, no casualties

New Delhi : A four-storey old building collapsed in Dev Nagar of Karol Bagh this morning. Ganitit is being told that by that time no shop of ground floor was open in the building. Warehouses and factories built on three floors above were not open.A police officer said that the incident took place at 8.00 a.m. 40 minutes. Thankfully, shops and warehouses of ground floor are opened in the building by 10 o'clock. Therefore, there is no possibility of anybody getting hit in the accident. It is being told that before the collapse the building was tilted for a few minutes, among which some people managed to get out of the danger junk. Therefore, it is feared that more people may be buried in the debris of the building. It is being told that there was no stop in the building at night. Nevertheless, the rescue workers are working carefully to remove debris from the danger of being buried. Until the news was written, no casualty was reported. The crack was growing for a whileSadsa happened in 7 blocks on Padam Singh Road in Dev Nagar. It is being told that this four-story building was more than 40 years old. There were all the shops in it below. There were many warehouses and some factories on the top floors. The surrounding people say that there was a crack in the building for some time, which was growing steadily.Allegations against municipal corporationPeople are blaming the Municipal Corporation of Delhi for the accident. Neighbors say that even after the drainage of the building, the concerned officials of the corporation were unemployed. People take risks and keep working in it. It was a time when there was no time to open the building, shops or warehouses. People also got a chance to be protected due to the building bending on one side. In the warehouse and shops, workers and laborers used to work till night, they would go away again. The police say that investigation is underway for who is responsible for the accident. A case of negligence is being lodged..