Blogs win Indian diplomacy in Sri Lanka

Varun Kumar SinghSri Lanka is not only the closest neighbor of India but in many ways it has also been India's closest friend. So far, everything was going well. But about two months ago, Sri Lankan President Mittal Sirisena sacked Prime Minister Ranil Vikram Singh, suddenly, and in his place appointed his arch-enemy Mahindra Rajapakse as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. Ranil Vikramasinghe has been in favor of India from the very beginning. After his abducted remarriage, the position of civil war in Sri Lanka was made.Mahinda Rajapaksa has been against India since the beginning. He is a strong supporter of China. China had helped Mahinda Rajapaksa in ending the LTTE. In return, Mahinda Rajapakse gave China many concessions in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, the civil war with the LTTE was completely demolished infrastructures, roads, electricity, bridges etc. At the request of Mahinda Rajapaksa, China strengthened the infrastructure there and provided a lot of loan to Sri Lanka. In return, China acquired a large amount of land in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, China made the port named Habitatota. Sri Lanka made this harbor with loans from China. When Sri Lanka could not repay this debt, China pressed that Sri Lanka give this port to China. Being helpless Sri Lanka had to give this port to China. The people of Sri Lanka did not like it. But the people are silent in front of Rajpakash's arbitrariness.Rajapaksa's heavy defeat in the general election later and Vikramasinghe became the new Prime Minister. Vikramshinghe has been an exclusive friend of India from the very beginning. When there was tremendous turmoil in Sri Lanka, the Supreme Court of India gave the Presidential decisions of the President illegal. The President not only dismissed Prime Minister Vikramshinghe but also dissolved the Parliament. Recently, the Supreme Court considered the President's decision against the Constitution. There was still a two-year term for the Parliament. The Supreme Court said that Parliament should be restored from Fai. Rajapaksa should be removed from his post and Vikramshinghe should be appointed prime minister again.By helpless President Sirisena had to accept the decision of the Supreme Court. Parliament had to be restored again and Ranil Vikramshinghe had to be appointed prime minister again. Addressing his workers, the President Sirisena said that he does not like Vikramsinghe. But he is a supporter of democracy and he had to make Vikramshinge again to become Prime Minister.Mahinda Rajapakse became the main opposition leader of the Parliament. But there is a grim bitterness towards India in his mind. He has publicly said that in the next election, he will screw the Vikramshinge. Vikramshinghe, while addressing the party workers, said that he will form a new coalition under the name of the National Democratic Front and make every effort to restore democracy in the country.When there was so much turmoil in Sri Lanka, Britain and the United States had warned President Sirisena that he can not make such an arbitrary and can not dismiss the elected parliament and the Prime Minister. Everyone knew that China wants to dominate Sri Lanka through Rajapaksa and wants to grab Sri Lanka's land. India has consciously made all the democratic countries aware about China's grandfathers. Most democracies opposed Sirisena and forced them to make Vikram Singh as the Prime Minister again.When Sirisena dissolved Parliament in an unconstitutional manner and removed Prime Minister Vikramshinghe from the depot, then there was a great reaction in the whole world. It seemed that India's Diplomacy will be defeated in Sri Lanka. But due to the clever politics of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India's domination in Sri Lanka has increased again. But it must be obeyed that China will not be able to overcome its tactics. He will somehow try to spread chaos in Sri Lanka. India has to be fully aware of this. Because now India has defeated China in the Maldives. Then China has eaten mouth in Sri Lanka. Like the injured lion, China will endeavor to push India's diplomacy late or later. In this context, every Indian will have to be cautious..