Delhi receives new year's welcome in police custody

Celebrate- The joy of young people on the streets- Police in Chhattisgarh was posted in New DelhiThe national world new Delhi. People welcomed the new year in a tough guard in the capital. On the streets, the enthusiasm and glee of the youth were seen on a large scale, while the police checked them by barricading several places. In the Lutyens' Delhi, the policemen remained alert till late in the night.On the night of December 31, all the special commissioners, joint commissioners and DCP, including the Commissioner of Police, Amulya Patnaik, took stock of security arrangements till late one night. In order to check the drunken drive, 2500 traffic police personnel were planted. Due to being the largest hotel, restaurant, pub, bar and disco in Connaught Place and Khan Market in Delhi, both of these places have made a tremendous security arrangement with Delhi Police. Continuous PCR movement in the area DCP Madhur Verma of New Delhi says that besides the police, the paramilitary forces have been deployed in the district. 1000 para military deployments were made in New Delhi district. A large number of female workers were involved in this. The operators got permission to open the hotel, restaurant, pubs, bars and disco until late at one o'clock in the night.Traffic police drive drunk drive driveSince the evening, the new year's passion in the youth started to raise the voice. According to Additional Police Commissioner Traffic BK Singh, checking of drunken driving has been done in 300 locations across Delhi. Only in the Connaught Place 20 drunken drives were examined. There was also an invoices for those who used to drink alcohol by a large number of people. Last year on January 1, around two lakh people had come to India to celebrate the festival, due to which there was a halt for hours. Due to this, the drivers had to face huge trouble. Taking this lesson from this, this time a huge number of traffic police and local district police will be deployed at India Gate on January 1. For this, the Delhi Police has taken a stand. Police say that those who come to India Gate along with the family to celebrate in Connaught Place and other places do not go to restaurants, bars, pubs and discos. This leads to a huge crowd at India Gate..