Intermediate Way - This route has been taken to reduce the confusion of additional floor area (FAR), the stadium is divided into two parts

Intermediate Way - This route has been taken to reduce the confusion of additional floor area (FAR), the stadium is divided into two partsInternational cricket stadium will now be built in two partssuggestion- Passing two different maps will pass- The government had earlier returned the offerThe national worldGhaziabad International cricket stadium will be built in two parts. Two separate maps will be approved for this. This path has been taken to reduce the confusion of additional floor area (FAR). GDA has asked the Uttar Pradesh Cricket Association (UPCA) to make a separate map on the stadium. Present a separate map for commercial, academy, hotels and housing. It has also been said that in future, the capacity of the stadium will be increased from 75 thousand to one lakh, keeping in mind that while keeping the structure there is still a sufficient parking arrangement.In Rajnagar Extension Moroti, UPCA has purchased land to build its first international cricket stadium. According to the biology for GDA stadium, 0.40 is giving permission to additional floor area (FAR). Whereas, UPCA is demanding 1.50 FAR. Thereby, to facilitate more construction in the stadium, more work can be done. The GDA had sent the case to the governance without passing the board. The government returned it. Said that the matter should be referred to them after the GDA board agreed. So far no concrete decision has been taken regarding the FAR. Now there is talk between GDA officials and officials of the UPCA's stadium committee. He explained that GDA can not allow more than 0.40 FARs in any condition at its own level. Suggested that the stadium be divided into two parts. Both parts can be constructed at different stages. Only the stadium should be made in one part. Which should be designed according to standard analog FAR. Land use of stadium land is mixed. In this case, a separate map should be approved for commercial, housing and academy construction.Match will continue in rainThe game will continue in this stadium on rain during the match. Rain will not be able to obstruct match It will be arranged that the matches continue in every season. For this, the agreement with the international organization Arena has been reached. This stadium will be made attractive on the lines of the Melbourne Cricket Ground so that people can come to Ghaziabad to see it.Awaiting CAG report for pledgingThe documents for purchase of land for the stadium were verified by the Authority. This can be done to find out whether the land really belongs to the same farmer or not who sold it. When this matter came to the forefront of the CAG, he objected to why the authority did not take administrative fees for this service. After the CAG's objection, the authorities of the Authority issued a notice to the UPCA for depositing Rs 7.77 crore as administrative fees. A few days ago it was agreed that UPCA would pledge land of such price. It is now decided that the land will be mortgaged only after the CAG report comes. It is expected that the concession from the CAG will be available in this fee.A look at the stadiumThe stadium proposal was made in -2015-33.54 acres of land purchased-450 crores cost will come up- Seating capacity of 75,000 spectators (50 thousand in first phase and 25 thousand in second phase)-2510 Parking for stadium complexes for vehiclesThe goal of preparing stadiums by 2020Confusion of FAR will endAccording to GDA VC Kanchan Verma, UPCA has been asked to present two stadium maps. In this way the confusion of FAR may be less. If the stadium map is approved differently then more FAR will not be needed. If a little more, then the government can consider it. In the second map, the proposal for commercial, residential and academy should be kept. Due to mixed land use, FAR can get more on it..