Increasing demand: US and Japan are the biggest purchasers of premium quality hair, these countries use these hair in their entertainment industry

Just throw the hair we have, Rs 2,000 / kgit also happensIndia and Pak are major exporters in the global market- Thirty thousand crore hair trade in Indianew Delhi. In the houses, which we throw in the morning and evening, in fact, they are worth thousands of rupees. Its annual turnover in the whole world is about a billion bucks. India and Pakistan are the leading exporters of this market in the global market. There is a competition to capture this business in both the countries. Many developed countries of the world are its buyers.Here we are talking about human hair Yes, it may seem awkward, but human hair is becoming a strong part of the economy of India and Pakistan. Generally, the hair cut in broken hair or salon in our homes is thrown in the garbage. For some people, this is a major way of doing business and earning millions of crores.Pak earns Rs 11.43 crore in five yearsFor the first time in the lower house of the Pakistani Parliament, the report about the commercial value of human hair exports has been introduced. In the report submitted by the Ministry of Commerce of Pakistan, it has been said that in five years, they have traded in the US $ 1.6 million US Dollar (11,43,60,000 in Indian currency) with the export of human hair. China, America (Bronze) and United Arab Emirates (WA) Samyati are among the many countries in the world, mainly in countries buying human hair from Pakistan.580 crores more than global businessUS and Japan are the biggest purchasers of premium quality hair from Pakistan. These countries use these hair in their entertainment industry. At the same time, with the increase of cosmetic industry in China, the demand for human hair is also increasing rapidly. During the year 2017, the total turnover of human hair exports was around US $ 81.2 million (about Rs 580 crore in Indian currency).30 thousand crore business in IndiaThe demand for these hair is very high in Kolkata and Chennai. They are treated here and sent to China. According to traders, the hair trade has reached up to Rs 30,000 crore in entire country, while in Madhya Pradesh, hair of about 100 crore rupees is being sold every year. The only condition is that the hair should not be cut, but rather be shorter than the comb and not less than 8 inches in length.Prices of 800 to 2000 rupees per kgIn Calcutta, the cost of one kg of hair is up to 800 to 1200 rupees. Prior to Holi, the price of these hair reaches up to Rs 2000 per kg as the demand for colorful wig is increased in the Holi. In India, the percentage of hair sold in hair salts along with hair cut in salon has also increased significantly in the last five years.More demanding hairNamaan Jain, a hair trader in India, points out that it is easy to transplant hair and make the wings from the hair that is clamped. That is why these hair business started. The hair is cleaned and kept in a kind of chemical. Then it is used directly to make big designs big.Gujarat's best hairstyleMilon, a businessman from Erin Rice Industries Pvt Ltd, Kolkata, points out that only 5 to 6 percent of the hair is coming from Madhya Pradesh. Even the quality of the hair is not as good. They are stubborn and weak. The demand for Gujarat's hair is highest in the market. The hair there is strong and bright.220 crore turnover only from Tirupati templeIn the year 2014, Tirupati temple has been selling hair of 220 crore rupees. This figure is increasing in the whole year. Mund in Tirupati temple of Andhra Pradesh220 crore turnover only from Tirupati templeIn the year 2014, Tirupati temple has been selling hair of 220 crore rupees. This figure is increasing in the whole year. In Tirupati temple of Andhra Pradesh, there is a tradition of shaving. A lot of women here also tend to be shaved Therefore, Tirupati is the main place for women's hair.At the small level is such a startIn Jabalpur city, in the surrounding areas of Sihora, Mandla, Dindori and Shahdol, they buy hawkers with furry comb. They sell it at the local level only to large traders. These traders then sell them in Kolkata, Chennai and Andhra Pradesh. Mohammed Hassan Ujjamas, a businessman from Kolkata, points out that they have hair from Bihar and Rajasthan besides Madhya Pradesh. 90 percent of children from Kolkata are sent to China. Kushwari resident, Roshnibai tells that the pig, alpin, fuga-tofi etc. are given to the ferry to the child.Rising market of foreign merchantsThe arrival of foreign traders in Madhya Pradesh is low. That's why hair trade is not so much here. Kolkata, Chennai, Andhra Pradesh is the stronghold of foreign traders. Gujarat's hair is the highest in foreign countries. The most active Bengali Muslim families in the hair tradeBuy five trucks dailyUnion Minister Nitin Gadkari had said in the program of a popular news event in 2018 that he buys five trucks a day from Tirupati temple. These hair is made in their factory amino acids based micro nutrients, which is used in the cultivation. The price of one bottle is about 900 rupees, which it gives to the farmers in 300 rupees. Dubai has also ordered them to supply 180 container amino acids, which are being supplied in a phased manner..