58 cows and buffaloes took away corporation employees hostage

New Delhi : The corporation personnel got heavier to catch the cows and buffaloes roaming around the streets in the capital. The corporation's team, which took action against unclaimed animals in Rampura area, had to first face opposition from local dairy operators and dabangas, after which they attacked the corporation's cattle house at night. By making corporation employees hostage, Dabang took away 58 animals from here. On information, police of three police stations have recovered 42 animals while others are still searching for them.Uttar Pradesh's Deputy Commissioner of Police, Nupur Prasad, said that on the complaint of corporation, the Police of Tripura Police filed a lawsuit in different streams and arrested six accused including a minor. The accused accused have been identified as Naresh alias Bitta, Manjeet Kumar, Kalu, Ankit and Manjit.Rampura area was caught by unclaimed cowAccording to the police, on the complaint of unclaimed animals, the company of Civil Lines Zone went to Rampura area to take action. There were 12 unclaimed cow in Shankar Chowk. The workers grabbed them and took them to the field of Rampura Corporation office. Seeing the action against the unclaimed cattle, the owners forced the corporation employees to leave them. Threatened to do bad consequences if not done. In spite of their opposition, the workers took the animals into the cattle house of Timarpur and took them to Bandipur.Wall hanging up insideThe official said that nearly half a dozen people, including the King, reached there at around 11 o'clock in the night. Three people entered the house and trapped the house. At that time corporation personnel Bunty and Satish were present. The people entering the prisoners started pressuring workers to leave the cows. According to the rule, he said that he did not open the door of the house of the prisoners and instead removed his cows and 55 cows and three buffaloes from there. Later, the corporation personnel informed the incident to the senior officers and the police. On the information of the incident, the nearby police station, including Timarpur, got alerted and searched for the animals.Accused caught near University metro stationMeanwhile, Naresh Bitta, along with his other colleagues, took the animals to the cattle near the University Metro Station. The police detained him and the other five. At the same time, 42 animals including three buffaloes have been recovered from the area, while the police is searching for the others. Corporation personnel say that on leaving the animal, the accused threatened to kill them with a knife. Tiharpur police station is investigating the matter by registering a case under the threat of killings, obstruction of government work, and illegally reducing the livestock.Expedition to catch unclaimed animalsThe North Delhi Municipal Corporation has expedited the drive to catch the unclaimed cattle in the streets. A large number of unclaimed cattle are being caught on the order of corporator Rain Joshi. According to the corporation, only 365 unclaimed animals have been caught in January alone. Not only this, the corporation has sealed 95 illegal dairies operating in open spaces. At the same time, the corporation has made 172 invoices. Letters have been written to Delhi Police against 147 people for lodging a lawsuit against owners of illegal dairies. In this Delhi Police has registered FIR against 88 people..