Excellent: In this Bagiya of Rashtrapati Bhavan there are many varieties of roses and tulip flowers, here flowers of Holland, Japan and Germany are also present.

new Delhi. The famous Mughal Garden of Rashtrapati Bhavan will open for public from 6th February. There are many types of roses and tulip flowers present in this Bagia of Rashtrapati Bhavan. Apart from this, the colors of flowers of Holland, Japan and Germany are also found here. The special thing about Mughal Gardens is that 95 percent of the flowers are Hindustani.No need to be in lineA large number of people come here. Lines are used for entry. But this time the online system of entry is going to happen. When you sit at home, book the slot online at the time when you will be there.Do this way online bookingFor this, you have to go to the site of the National Secretariat Dot Go.com site and click on the plan visit test tab. Then a new page will open where you can make online booking. You will get the time to book the SMS. Arrive at the appointed time, go straight inside by sending an SMS. No need to be in line.What's in this bagiaMain Garden or Mughal Gardens: From this rectangular part, the President commences his journey. Floral decorative tree plants, fountains and flowers carpets will attract you. Here it will look like colorful variites and tulip in a narrow shadow. Plants like Mogra-Motia, Rajnigandha, Bella, Night Rani, Juhi, Champa-Jasmine, will also be seen around.Long Garden or Rose Garden: Everyday Garden, with about 135 varieties of roses, is there. Garden Superintendent PA According to Joshi, both decorative and fragrance variables such as Queen Elizabeth, Mother Teresa, Angelique, Blue Moon, Black Rose or Aklanova, Black Buckara and Green Rose are included in this.Circular Garden: This beautiful beach with beautiful views is in the middle of the beautiful tune of water fitted with tulip flowers. Flowers and magical vines make sense of supernatural and fortune.Spiritual Garden: This garden equipped with trees and plants related to various religious beliefs like Chandan, Plum, Rita, Rudraksh, Khajur, Christmas-tree, Kalpvriksha, Krishna Bud, Khaar, Shami will make you realize the atmosphere of historical and mythology.Nakshatra Garden: It is a garden based on the names of various celestial constellations.Herbal Gardens: There are medicinal and home-use tree plants such as Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Laman-Gras, five types of mint, Khas, Isabgol, aromatic oils, uranium and stevia.Musical Garden: Musical or musical fountain garden on the left, in which the fountains play with music.Bonsai Garden: Here you will find 50 varieties of Bonsai plants.Nutrition Garden: There are mango-orange and a variety of healthy fruit-vegetable trees.Opening day and timeFrom 6 February to 10 March 2019 the garden will open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.On March 11, the day will be for soldiers, policemen, blinds, people and farmers.In-house facilitiesThe convenience of drinking water, restroom, first aid, and tiredness is available in the place of rest.-The wheelchair will be found only on the gate.Entry Which GateThe gate number will be accessed from -35. RML Hospital is in front of North Avenue Road. Access is free. Make an Icard with you for admissionCan you take along- Small ladies can carry purses, mobile.Can not carry bags, big lady purses, umbrellas, water bottles and food items, knives and weapons..