BJP has beaten you for the failure of the government

New Delhi : Union Minister and former Delhi BJP President Vijay Goel started the Dhol movement in the unauthorized colonies of slums of Daya Basti. He said that if someone had to see hell, then he would come to the slums of the hills and see them in slums. There is no gutter, no sewer, no roads, and no roads are right. They said that the lanes here are so narrow that if a gas cylinder accidentally fires, then life will be difficult to save.Goyal kept Arvind Kejriwal on target in his address. He said that Kejriwal is confusing the slum-dwellers by showing the power of water and water. He has not been able to provide water yet. The slum gets water either by tanker or by hand pump. Not only that, these people's water bills are also increasing, while Kejriwal's government did not seem to have a bills before it came. Goyal said that the children of the town told him that there is no education in schools and there is no facility of any kind.Goyal also announced the achievements of the Modi government after the drubbing of Kejriwal government's failures. He said, Modi government has introduced two big schemes for the poor. In this, under the direction of Ayushman India, a poor person can get free treatment up to five lakh rupees. At the same time, under the Pradhanmantri Awas Yojana, slum dwellers should be made flat and given to them. But, Kejriwal is not allowing these two schemes to be implemented in Delhi and he is taking away the right of the slum from them. Goyal announced that he would open the poll of Kejriwal government by drumming in every slum in Delhi.You and the condition of Congress like 'Muh me Ram bagal me churi'Goyal also attacked Congress with you. He said that both these corrupt parties are scared of the BJP and the coalition is ready even after accusing each other of corruption. The condition of both of them is a knife in the mouth in front of Ram.Kejriwal Bhagao, slogan shouted to save DelhiGoyal said that the use of liquor and drugs in slums is increasing. Gambling is also being played very well. Against the intoxication, there is a need to run a movement. During this time, people stood by Kejriwal and shouted slogans to save Delhi. Goyal was accompanied by corporation corporator Jai Prakash, Chandni Chowk District President Arvind Garg, Secretary Preeti Nayar and former corporation corporator Pravin Jain..