Preparation of trains in private hands on two metro lines

New Delhi : After the plan to renovate the Metro train, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) Metro is also in the private hands and is ready to operate. The starting line will be from the Red Line (Rithala to Dilshad Garden) and Yellow Line (Timpuri Badli to Huda City Center). Tender has also been issued by DMRC.According to sources, more than two companies have expressed their willingness to take charge of operations. The private sector wants to reduce its financial obligations by giving private responsibility to the Metro operations. However, the Metro says that it is working under the Metro policy that came in 2017. The protest against the Metro has started. The Metro Staff Council itself is opposing it. Talking about giving the responsibility of metro operations in private hands, the Delhi government is also unaware of it.If the plan is successful, then use it on other linesDMRC says that if this scheme is successful then this experiment will be adopted on other lines. According to the DMRC, private partnership has been advocated in the Act of operation and maintenance of Metro policy. Only then will the Center help in proposed plans of Metro. Under this, the company is trying to connect the company with experience in metro operations through tender. Sources reveal that the proposal of this entire scheme has been made by a former Executive Director of DMRC. However, the Metro is refusing any such thing.Protest against Metro staff council planThe Metro Staff Council is opposing the responsibility of the Metro operations in private hands. According to the Metro, if the operation on these lines goes in private hands, about 475 people who are responsible for the operation will be affected metro. They will be shifted to the second line. However, a member of the Metro Staff Council says that a total of 600 personnel will be affected.Work on renting a subway trainMoving towards privatization of the metro is not the first step. Earlier, the Metro is also working on the plan to run a subway on the green line (Indralok / Kirtinagar to Bahadurgarh). For him, the expression of interest was removed in 2017. In this 11 companies had expressed their willingness to provide trains on rent. At the moment Metro is doing a study on it. How beneficial it will be. The depot and operation of the Metro will be the responsibility. The responsibility of maintenance of the train will be to the company that provides it..