Auliya's dargah will be painted in the color of spring

New Delhi : In the color of spring, the dargah of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya will also be seen colorful. The wonderful shade of spring arrival and the confluence of the Ganges-Jamuni Tahajib can be found here on February 9. Jairine will blossom yellow flowers on the dargah Venerable sheets will be colored in yellow rug, then the qawwali will also be in the color of the spring, the odor will be binding.The spring Mubarak program will be held on the third day of moon ie Saturday on the dargah. Nizamuddin Auliya's disciple, Amir Khusro, was very dear to Vasant. He used to sing songs of spring while roaming, since then this cycle of spring festival has been running for more than 700 years. On this special day, from the evening to the night, only the spring talk of Aaliya dargah. To please Auliya, Jairans fall in the color of their disciple Amir Khusro, as they did for Auliya. Khusro's Kalam today will be celebrated by Vasant Kahan Le Suhagan, celebrating the spring and other presentations including the mustard flowers.Celebration will start from four o'clockDargah's Chief Incharge Syed Kasaf Ali Nizami said that the festival will begin from four o'clock in the evening and run till nine o'clock. On the festival of Dargah, he said that one day Amir Khusro was going somewhere. On the way, they saw some women dressed in yellow clothes, carrying yellow flowers in their hands and singing and singing drums. They asked him if the women told that he was going to worship Goddess mother in the temple in the joy of the arrival of spring. Just listening to this, Khusro also got painted in this color and put a drum in the neck, wearing yellow clothes and dancing to Auliya. After seeing this, Gumsum Auliya smiled for a long time, since then the spring festival was organized every year. Dargah will be specially decorated for this. People of every religion come from far and wide. The entire dargah is decorated with flowers of spring..