Road Safety Information from Rally

Gurugram : Road Safety Week is being observed in Government College, Sector 9. Captain Raj Kumar, in charge of NCC (National Cadet Corps) of the college said that the college had organized an awareness rally under the Road Safety Week. Students were given information about the rules of traffic. Rally started from the college premises and returned to the college, coming from areas around Sector 9. Students made people aware of road safety through posters and slogans. While crossing the road, people were not allowed to use mobile and not interact with each other. Dr. Pravin Fogat, in-charge of the NSS (National Service Scheme) of the college said that people were encouraged to use seat belts and helmets in the program. On this occasion, Prof. From the College. Other professors and staff members including Ravi, Sanjay, Vijayvir, Harish and Ashok were also present..