Noida : A fire broke out on Thursday afternoon at Metro Heart Hospital located in Sector-12. Seeing the fire took the entire hospital in its grip. Due to the fire, the patients admitted in the hospital became frantic and there was an anxious atmosphere for a long time. After the fire in the patients and their tigers, the situation of panic became. Patients stranded in the fire were pulled out of the lead. There is no information of casualties in this incident. Around 6 vehicles of fire brigade managed to control the fire after two hours.According to the information, patients continued to be expelled from the fourth floor even after the fire was too late. The smoke in the hospital was full, due to which patients were being pulled out of the glass. Flowers reached above the hydraulic platform. It is being told that at the time of the fire, 30 to 40 patients were stranded in the hospital, who have been shifted safely. There is no news of anyone being casualties. There are 5 floors in this hospital. The fire started from the second floor. All patients were shifted to the Sector 11 Metro Hospital. Nothing could be known about the reasons for the fire. After the fire, there was a crowd of people outside the hospital.Magistrate probe: DMGautam Buddha Nagar's DM B.N. Singh and SSP Vaibhav Krishna arrived on the spot. There is no information about the casualties of anybody in the accident. The fire incident in the metro hospital will be investigated by the magistrate. DM B.N. Singh said that the investigation of the fire in the hospital would be made by a magistrate after making a high level committee. He told that a fire in the hospital raises the question that the security arrangements in Noida hospitals and hospitals are okay. He said that other hospitals in Noida would also be examined about safety standards. DM said that after coming to the magistrate's inquiry report, if it is found that safety standards were not completed in the hospital, strict action will be taken against them.66 patients admitted to hospitalNoida Chief Fire Officer Arun Kumar Singh said that the fire in the hospital has been taken over. At the time of the fire at the hospital, there were about 66 patients who were rescued and rescued. These patients have been admitted to another hospital in the sub-sector of Sector-11..