Experimental Bike Ambulance Service in East Delhi

New Delhi : Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal launched experimental bike ambulance service for East Delhi and said that this service would provide quick treatment before taking the hospital to the crowded area. In a dialogue with reporters after the green signal of 16 bikes ambulances outside the Delhi Secretariat, Kejriwal said that this is a big step taken by the Aam Aadmi Party for the people.The Chief Minister said that ambulance has to face difficulties in entering narrow streets. He said, if there is any emergency medical condition in the narrow streets then the bike ambulance can be there and can provide immediate services to the patients. You said that the numbers of bike ambulance will increase in the coming days. Kejriwal said, this is a big step in the health sector. Everyone knows that the Delhi Government is doing a good job in the field of education and health. He said that it is also better than the traffic approach.Was purchased a year agoThe government had bought bike ambulances last year to remove the patients from the tight streets and heavy jams and to bring the patient to the hospital. These 16 bike ambulances have been named First Respondent Vehicle (FRV). All bikes will be equipped with first aid kit. There will also be small cylinders of oxygen. These lights and sirens are just like an ambulance. Given the pollution, the green kit is set on these bikes. It has to be run in Shahdara, Eastern and North Eastern districts of East Delhi. It will run a trained paramedical staff. It will not shift the patient from one place to another. This feature will not be available at night.First Aid Kit did not lastAfter buying a bike, due to the negligence of government departments, the first aid kit was not installed on them. The kit was not available even after five months. At the same time, it was time to serve the new bike. The first service was held in October last year. It is being told that now another service has been done even before the launch.Overdose of more than 50 yearsIn the past, the Delhi Cats Union has expressed its opposition to the bike ambulance. According to the union, employees of more than 50 are being deployed for bike ambulance, while physically this bike is not capable of ambulance. The union had said in a letter to the governor that material on the bike ambulance would be 35 kg weight, including the oxygen cylinder. In such a situation, if youngsters are given the responsibility of this new bike ambulance service, then it will be better..