Do not refuse surgery for not getting things from favorite chemist

Ghaziabad : A doctor at the District MMG Hospital has been accused of not doing any work while not getting the equipment from the shop told by him. The patients of the patient have complained to the CMO, CM and PM. The CMS of the hospital has denied the information about the case.Actually, a few days ago, in a tragedy, there was a serious injury to Subhash Chand, who lived in Vijayanagar. When he showed up at the District MMG Hospital, he was given advice on the operation. It is alleged that the doctor had ordered some equipment for the operation. A shop address was also told for this. When the householders of Subhash knew the cost of the equipment at the said store, then 50 thousand rupees were reported, while the same equipment was being found in the second store at 14 thousand. That's why they got the equipment from the second store. He told that in the hospital, after seeing the equipment, the doctor refused to impose the equipment and said that the device will come from the shop given, then there will be an operation. There was also a debate between Subhash's family members and the doctor. The shopkeeper was also called on the spot.Total expenditure was also stated moreOn refusing to perform an operation in MMG, Subhash was taken to a private nursing home where the operation was done from those same devices. Not only this, the total cost was Rs 51 thousand in treatment, whereas in MMG hospital Rs 70-75 thousand were reported.... but the officers do not knowAccording to the CMS Ravindra Rana of the district hospital, the equipment which is not available in the government hospital is called from outside, but it is not said about a special shop. If this has happened then it is very serious. I am not aware of the matter at this time. Only after inquiry can I say something.