RML woman doctor hanged

New Delhi : A 52-year-old senior doctor of Ram Manohar Lohia (RML) Hospital of Delhi-based Central Government committed suicide by hanging himself in his official flat at North Avenue. The deceased doctor was identified as Poonam Vohra, a consultant radiologist of Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital.According to information received from the police, North Avenue Police received its news at 1:00 pm, after which the police team reached the spot. First sight investigation has revealed that Poonam Vohra was on leave. Her husband and two children were not on the spot during the incident and the flat was locked from inside. Police also recovered a suicide note from the spot. The police has started further legal action after sending the body to the post-mortem. Police said that the doctor Poonam Vohra charged three doctors of the hospital with "insulting behavior and harassment" in the suicide note because he was investigating against them.At the time of the incident was at home alonePolice said that Poonam lived in a government house in North Avenue. The police said that the incident happened at 1 a.m. when her husband Phinejee Vohra, who works for a private company, returned home and found the house closed. At the time of the incident, two children of the couple were in school. According to sources, when Poonam's husband saw her peeping from the window, she found Poonam hung from a ceiling fan in her bedroom. With the help of neighbors, they opened the door and lowered it. They called the police and took him to the hospital where Poonam Vohra was declared dead. Stephi Vohra said that Poonam was being disturbed and I knew that he was upset. However, I do not know anything about the investigation. I got a suicide note from the police.Police hospital administration inquiredAt the same time, Deputy Commissioner of Police Madhur Verma said that Suicide note was found in the bedroom. In his suicide note, only one line was written - that these three doctors were humiliating and troubling him. We have come to know that he was conducting some departmental investigations related to misconduct against three doctors. To know more about these allegations, we have yet to interrogate hospital administrations and female colleagues. Suicide note is also being verified. However, the Deputy Commissioner of Police did not disclose the name of the three doctors..