7.73 million people in the country like the addictive addiction

New Delhi . Increasing addiction in the country has become a serious problem. An alarming survey of the Indian government has surfaced on the addiction of addiction. It has been reported in this survey that about 7.13 crore Indians are suffering from severe addiction of various types of drugs. The addiction amongst them has increased so much that they need immediate treatment, which is not available in adequate quantity.In this survey of the Government of India, each State and Union Territories have been included. It has been reported that the highest number of 5.17 crore people have been found in the survey. Apart from this, 72 lakh people are trapped in cannabis, 60 million people opium and charas etc and 11 lakh people are addicted to intoxicants or injections. The survey also includes 70,293 people who use addictive drugs for addiction.It has also been feared that the actual number of people suffering from addiction of severe addiction may be higher than the survey report. In this survey more than two lakh families of 186 districts have been included. These addictive statistics in India have been collected between December 2017 and October 2018. According to the survey report, there is no proper and sufficient facilities for treatment for those suffering from addiction addiction in India.Gateway drug told to cannabis in surveyThe report says that this survey presents a worrisome picture of drugs and alcohol addiction, because it is providing financial support to people with their health. Increasing the cannabis addiction among people is pointing towards a major problem, because it is easily available in urban and rural areas. It has been reported in the survey that the cannabis is like a starting addiction (gateway drug) for many people. It means that people are starting to get drunk from the cannabis and then the dangers like cocaine and heroin are being caught in the trap of drugs. Dangerous cannabis causes serious damage to the person's mind and personality.Women are not behind in addictionIn this survey, the government has collected data for women for the first time. It is reported in the survey that 27.3% of the total population men and 6.4% of women consumed alcohol. The number of men consuming alcohol is 1.6 percent more than women.More than half of the male population drinks alcohol hereThe worst situation among the people of alcohol etc. is from Chandigarh, Tripura and Punjab. According to the survey, more than half of the population in Chandigarh, Tripura and Punjab consumes alcohol. If people talk about the consumption of liquor, the highest number of people in Uttar Pradesh is 4.2 million people. West Bengal is the second number, where there are 1.4 million people and 12 million people in Madhya Pradesh present on third place.4.6 lakh children are also in the addiction of intoxicationIt has been found in the survey that there are about 16 million people drinking alcohol in the country, whose age is between 10 years and 75 years, and 19 per cent of them have been severely addicted to alcohol. In addition to alcohol and drugs, about 4.6 lakh children and 18 lakh adults are suffering from addiction in the inhaler (Cullen 32) and addictive drug addiction used in medicinal cases.Survey by AIIMSThis survey report entitled "Magnitudes of Substance Abuse in India" has been prepared by the National Drug Dependence Treatment Center of AIIMS on the instructions of the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. In relation to this survey, Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Thavarchand Gehlot said that the report of the year 2004 regarding the use of the drug was not comprehensive. So a new survey was started in 2016..