Narela will be made in 500 beds of cancer hospital, two others will grow beds

New Delhi: To provide better treatment to the people of the capital, Delhi Government is going to improve the health of the hospitals. Under this, where a 500-bed cancer hospital will be built in Narela, the decision has been taken to increase 500 beds in Shastri Park's Jagavanwas Hospital. Apart from this, a plan to increase 116 beds in Dabri's Dada Dev Hospital has been developed. A total of Rs 528.88 crore will be spent on these schemes, which has been approved by the Delhi Government's Expenditure and Finance Committee (EFC). Once the cabinet is approved, the work will be started on this.Trauma Center to be made soonHealth Minister Satyendra Jain told that Delhi is establishing new standards in healthcare sector. Narela's Satyarthi Raja Harishchandra Hospital is an important hospital for external Delhi. But, there is no provision for cancer treatment and Trauma Center. Given the problems facing the people, the government has decided to make a Cancer Hospital and Trauma Center here. The responsibility of construction work is given to the Public Works Department.OPD Block in Six-storey buildingUnder the scheme, a six-storey building with basement will be built here. Apart from this, an OPD block will also be formed. One floor will be raised on the four blocks of the hospital already made. A total of Rs 276 crore will be spent on this scheme. On the commencement of the work, the target is to be completed in 15 months. The number of beds in this hospital is two hundred. Here the number of new beds will increase to 573. This will increase the total number of beds to 773. There will be a cancer hospital of five hundred beds.500 beds will increaseAt the same time, Shastri Park's Jagavanwas Hospital is just two hundred beds. It will increase 500 beds. Overall, there will be seven hundred beds here. For this, a seven-storey new building with basement will be built. 197.88 crores will be spent on this. Similarly, the number of beds in Dabari Deo maternal and infant hospital in Dabri is just 64. 116 beds will be increased here. This will increase the number of beds to 180. There will be a parking in it. Apart from this, four-storey maternal and infant care center will be built. 55 crores of rupees will be spent on this hospital..