TRAI instructed distributors to keep one type of channels together

New Delhi : Telecom Regulatory Authority TRAI has asked the television channel distributors to ensure that the same channels should be kept together and one channel appeared in one place as it said in the rules. The regulator said that if it does not, action will be taken against the concerned distributor. Following the complaint of customers, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) gave this direction.This directive is important from customer perspective, because keeping the same channels together does not make them difficult to find it. On the other hand, appearing in more than one place of the same channel affects its visibility and ratings. The latest instruction has been issued to the distributors of TV channels. This includes DTH executives and multi system operators.The complaint was received after TRAI kept one type of channel separately and the same channel was shown in several places. In his directive, TRAI said in its directive, all television channel distributors are instructed to ensure service providers and customers' interests and for the continuous development of the area, to ensure that they keep the same channels in one place and one channel one Appear in place only.It has been stated that, if it does not comply, action will be taken against the respective distributors under TRAI provisions. TRAI consultant (broadcast) Arvind Kumar said that the directive has come into force with immediate effect and TV channel distributors have been asked to strictly follow it. This instruction has been issued to ensure that customers have no problem. According to the provision of service quality regulation of the regulator, each broadcaster will have to declare under which category their channels fall under the category of devotion, general, entertainment, cinema and news. It came into effect in July 2018..