Kidnaped children found dead in Banda, 13 days before Chitrakoot

Chitrakoot : All the efforts of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh police became meaningless. The bodies of two children of Chitrakoot, a businessman kidnapped from Satna in Madhya Pradesh, were found in Yamuna river in Banda on Sunday 12 days later. Police have arrested six people including three students in this case.On February 12, Satguru spread from the Sadhguru Public School of Sadhguru Seva Sangh Trust in Satna, Madhya Pradesh, after meeting the Yamuna river in Baberu police station area of ​​Banda district of Banda district, after the body of two children of the hijacked Ayurvedic oil businessman Brajesh Rawat. The abductors threw the five-year-old twins, sons Priyash and Shreyash Rawat, and threw them into the river Yamuna near the Babeu Thangantur Augesi village in Banda district. With the JCP 26 days before the Junkinghund Trust premises, the 26 police teams of the MP Police, as well as the STF, failed to find the kidnapped children. The abductors were so cruel that the hands of both innocent children were tied with ropes and chains, from Agesi village of Jarka Marka police station area. Thirteen kilometers away from Baqal village, Thackeray was thrown into Yamuna river flowing along the temple.Police got information on Sunday and both bodies were recovered. Seeing the condition of the bodies, it was clear that the murder took place three to four days ago. Both bodies were binded and chained with chains. After receiving the bodies of the children, the people of the family of businessman, Brajesh Rawat, of Ramghat Sitapur, Dharm Nagri Chitrakoot, and the relatives of the family are in a bad condition. The crowd is gathering at home. SP Chitrakoot Manoj Kumar Jha said that the bodies were found in the morning. The abductor killers have also been arrested. At the moment, we have refused to say anything else. At the same time, Satna SP Santosh Singh Gaur has also confirmed the killing of children. The information will be given at 12 o'clock at the new village police station. The police could not save the children but murderers are in hijack.Six arrested including three studentsPolice teams have arrested six people for kidnapping and murder of children. They also have three students. Among them is the son of the priest of Sadguru Seva Sangh Trust of Janaki Kund Satna. Three kidnappers belong to Gramodya University Chitrakoot Satna. They have two students. After kidnapping from Satna and assaulting a ransom, he was murdered in Banda..