Plane Hijack's attempt failed in Bangladesh, caught by the accused

Dhaka : An attempt was made to hijack a flight of 'Biman Bangladesh' from Dhaka to Dhaka on Sunday. About half an hour after flying the plane from Dhaka, a gunfire entered the cockpit. After this, the aircraft's emergency landing was done at Shah Amanat International Airport in Chittagong. The Bangladeshi security personnel surrounded the aircraft around and all 142 passengers were evacuated in a short while. The only gunman has been taken into custody.According to the media reports, the plane landed at the airport of Chittagong Airport at 5:15 pm local time. According to the reports, after about half an hour after flying from Dhaka, a passenger started fluttering the gun, after which the plane was stirred. The gunman claimed Suusaid West in his waist. He made a crew member hostage at the tip of the gun. The gunman also demanded to talk to Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh PM According to some reports, Gunman also firing while entering the cockpit. Later, an emergency landing was carried out at Chinchung Airport of the aircraft. As the aircraft landed at Chittagong Airport, the Bangladeshi security forces surrounded him. All passengers were safely evacuated. It is being told that gun owners are foreign citizens..